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Bite Wealth Universe FAQs

For investors

After registration, investors can click to “view” each investment opportunity to access comprehensive fund overviews, fact sheets, and any other details on the market the fund operates in, the team or even multimedia content such as videos or podcasts. If they find an opportunity that appears right for them, they can click “express interest” at which point Bite will connect them to the fund manager of their choice to start their investment journey on the underlying fund manager’s platform.
Our hub is constantly growing as more and more funds join the platform. The minimum investments on the various funds that have been available so far range from $10,000 to $250,000.
After expressing interest, investors are connected to the asset manager’s underlying platform (view question “How do I invest?” for more details) at which point they become the client of the manager of their choice, following their onboarding or investment requirements and processes.

We do a high-level screening of the asset managers on our platform. Bite aims to use its award winning technology to digitise alternative investments, offering asset managers of all sizes a competitive advantage and opening access for investors globally. We want to provide them with an intuitive experience and a diverse range of investment opportunities with clear overviews so they can evaluate the opportunities with ease. When it comes to committing capital, it is the responsibility of the investors and their advisors to compare investments, perform due diligence on each investment opportunity and select fund managers based on their investment criteria.

For asset managers

Bite Wealth Universe is running on our cutting-edge award-winning Bite Stream platform. A fundraising and investor management software designed to enable asset managers and companies to compliantly streamline and scale the distribution of private markets investment products in an easy, secure and efficient way. The funds available on the Bite Wealth Universe platform consist of funds from our Bite Stream clients and Bite Group’s regulated investment manager, Bite Asset Management (Cayman) Limited. If you would be interested in joining the Bite Wealth Universe, we recommend you book a free consultation with our team to discuss options and book a demo via email: [email protected]

The investors within Bite Wealth Universe represent our clients and network accumulated over the years, including an even split between family offices, wealth managers and High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) globally. These are individuals with an appetite for investing in alternatives, that have registered with us and are considered HNWIs or professional investors, and that we continuously and actively engage with to educate on the process of investing in private markets (through events, newsletters etc). Whilst Bite will undertake checks on all users to ensure they meet the criteria to be considered HNWIs or Professional Investors, it is the responsibility of each manager to conduct their own due diligence and to identify whether an investment is suitable for an investor.

Our numbers are constantly developing as more and more investors come into the hub, but we have a fairly even split between those located in the UK, APAC, the US and the Middle East. As a result, Bite Wealth Universe can help asset managers grow their exposure and distribution not only beyond their usual audience into new pools of investors, but also into new markets where they can test their funds in new geographies.

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