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Bite is a global asset management, advisory and fintech company, specialising in alternative markets and tech solutions. Our vision is simple: To make alternative investments more accessible.

Our online investment platform allows high-net-worth investors (HNWI), sophisticated investors and advisors to invest in top-tier alternative investment funds in a streamlined process. We combine our proprietary technology with select investment opportunities to provide unique value propositions to a range of clients.

Our tech solutions allows wealth management firms and asset managers to compliantly streamline and scale the distribution of alternative investment products through a turnkey solution or by integrating the platform with existing systems via our API. The platform automates the entire investment cycle from client suitability and distribution, through to transaction and reporting. We also provide bespoke, stand-alone tech solutions for premarketing, distribution, subscription and investor relations. Please read more about our enterprise solutions here.

Asset Management Solutions

Bite offers access to leading alternative investment opportunities, with lower fees and low minimum investment amounts, from $100,000.

We have built a seamless, end-to-end investment process that works in a few simple steps:


Create an account and log in

with your chosen identity as High-Net-Worth Investor, Sophisticated Investor or Advisor to access our funds.


Perform due diligence

and select an investment opportunity. We summarize all you need to know about the fund online, and provide access to the key due diligence materials, so at the click of a button you can make an informed investment decision.


Invest online

by requesting allocations and signing subscription documents. Our automated investment process enables you to allocate to funds without having to leave your desk.


Keep track and get updates

to monitor how the investments are performing. Our customized Portfolio Tool helps you to monitor how your investments perform. For Advisors, we make sure you can keep your clients up to date with seamless, one-click reporting.

Private Equity’s Performance

Private equity has been one of the best performing asset classes globally over the last 3 decades*. However, due to a combination of high fees, high minimum investment amounts, and lack of access to top funds, private investors have not been able to access this investment strategy. 

This is no longer the case with Bite’s platform. Using technology, we enable high-net-worth investors to access, unlock and invest bite-sized amounts into leading private equity funds.

Private equity has outperformed all major public market indices over the last two decades**
Important Disclaimer and Source

Our Offering


Invest alongside the world’s top institutional investors and access the kinds of highly sought after, often over-subscribed funds that have not been available to high-net-worth investors until now.


Invest as little as $100k in deals that would usually require at least $1m. Bite helps investors and advisors access funds that would otherwise be inaccessible because they are either oversubscribed, too illiquid, or have an institutional-level minimum buy-in.

Enhanced Liquidity

Tap into our secondary market, meaning you will likely be able to sell out sooner than if you invested directly.


Our management team is supported by a world class set of shareholders and advisors, who work within the parameters of highly respected regulatory regimes. With Bite, you have total regulatory and compliance peace of mind.


Go to our knowledge centre or newsroom for additional information, such as research reports, webinars and interviews.


Before Bite

No Access:

The best funds are already heavily oversubscribed.

With Bite


Bite secures allocations to heavily oversubscribed, top performing alternative funds.

Fund Selection

Bite can secure investment allocations from hard to access asset managers through a combination of its own network, via the network of its majority shareholder, VCP Advisors, and other product partners.

Funds are assessed by Bite’s investment committee before being offered to you. The selection basis includes, but is not limited to, underlying fund market opportunity, team, track record, fund terms and fit with Bite’s investor base.

Top tier managers

Continuously monitored and tracked.

Identify opportunity

Research team monitors the landscape for opportunities.

Due diligence

Performed by the research team and investment committee.

Investment assessment

Investment committee assesses quality of the investment opportunity.

Investment decision

This rests with you. You can use our fully digitised platform to invest as you please.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What products are available on Bite’s platform?

Bite continually strives to be the premium provider of alternative investment opportunities to High-Net-Worth investors and their advisers. The number and type of products vary so please register to see what is currently available. Typical investments can include Private Equity funds, Private Credit funds, Venture Capital funds, Real Estate funds and Hedge funds.

Q2 Who can open an account and invest? Q3 What is a High-Net-Worth Investor and do I qualify? Q4 What is a Sophisticated Investor and do I qualify? Q5 What is a Professional Investor and do I qualify? Q6 Can I speak with someone at Bite? Q7 Will Bite advise me on the best investments? Q8 What are the fees charged by Bite?
Do you have any further questions? View our Help Center or contact us.

About Bite

Bite is an online alternative investment platform and asset manager, specialising in alternative markets. We focus on opening up alternative assets and creating tech solutions for our clients, which include asset managers, wealth management firms and HNWIs.

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