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Bite’s private market technology solutions wins several awards

We are pleased to announce that Bite’s private market technology solutions have been recognised in first place in three new awards, from International Business Magazine and from World Economic Magazine.

For the second consecutive year, Bite won the “Best Private Market Technology Solutions Provider UK” award from International Business Magazine, which is established with the prime objective of highlighting best in class achievements pertaining to budding industrial talent, global leaders, corporates, etc. across varied spheres related with the International Business and Finance arena. Please view the full list of winners here.

At the same time, Bite is grateful to have won two more awards from World Economic Magazine: “Most Innovative Alternative Investment Platform UK 2022” and “Best Investment Technology Solution UK 2022”. World Economic Magazine Awards are given to dominant players from growing industries like Aviation, Blockchain, Banking, FinTech, Green Energy, Travel & Tourism, etc. All the winners are doing exceptional work in their respective domains and are dominating their industries for a prosperous world. Please view the full list of winners here.

These awards are a true testament to the team’s hard work and dedication to our clients. We are grateful for the jury’s consideration and time. If you would like to know more about Bite’s private market technology solutions, you can book a demo here, or you can register with an free account to explore Bite’s investment opportunities.



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