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Ex-JPMorgan Chase Atty Joins Bite Investments As First CLO (Law360 Pulse)

Law360 shares the news that Alex Seymour, former lawyer at JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, joins the Bite Investments team as the first ever Chief Legal Officer.

About Alex Seymour

Alex Seymour has worked in the financial services sector for about 20 years. As the London-based Bite tries to attract new investors in an upcoming Series A round, Seymour said one of his top priorities for the rest of the year will be to help the business manoeuvre through the launch of new products and services.

“The company’s focus on global growth will mean plenty of legal and regulatory work spanning different jurisdictions, and supporting those ambitions while ensuring that the day-to-day legal, regulatory and compliance work is completed with the utmost excellence and rigor will be a top priority for me,” he said in an email to Law360 Pulse on Monday.

He added, “It will be key for the company to meet these legal challenges without compromising its agility.”

Serving as the first chief legal officer at Bite will be “challenging, but definitely exciting,” he said, adding that he expects one of the hurdles will be managing different legal and regulatory systems of varying complexity and sophistication.

Seymour has spent most of his career with larger companies. Most recently, he was head of transaction management; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and the Asia-Pacific region at JPMorgan Chase Bank for four years, according to his LinkedIn profile. A law graduate of the University of Oxford, he previously held senior positions at Cheyne Capital and Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG from 2005 until 2017, his profile shows.

Earlier in his career, he worked in private practice for 7½ years as an associate at Clifford Chance LLP.

Reflecting its growing business, the company on Monday also announced a new global head of asset and wealth management sales, finance director and chief information officer. Find out more about the new strategic hires to join the executive management team here and view the senior management team and selected shareholders at Bite Investments.




Source: Law360 Pulse