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White paper

The Tech’s Factor 2023:
The digital (r)evolution in private markets

The Tech’s Factor 2023 The digital (r)evolution in private markets

Welcome to the second edition of Bite’s The Tech’s Factor, an annual white paper tracking the digitalization progress to date in the private capital industry.

Access survey data from 100 senior executives from middle market boutique funds and asset managers based in the US.

  • Are firms of all sizes experiencing the same digitalisation journey or do they have different priorities?
  • And how are the technological solutions having an impact on their end-investors?

Read this white paper report to find out how the industry is adopting technology to take its services to a new level, what the challenges have been so far and how businesses can take a savvy, proactive approach to modernize their operations for better profits, client servicing and operational efficiencies.

Key findings include:

  • 79% of organizations report a direct, positive impact on profit as a result of digitalization over the past two years
  • Investor relations and communications, cybersecurity, and due diligence are the top drivers for investment into digitization
  • Larger firms are still ahead of the curve when it comes to digital adoption and remain the most optimistic that they will continue to be ahead of competitors over the next two years
  • Specialist third-party providers become the rule as there has been a 33% increase in firms that use a software provider in the past year

Download The Tech’s Factor report today to learn more about the benefits and competitive advantages of digitalization.

Read our press release on the key findings here.

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