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Unveiling the finest: 15 Asset Management companies in the UK (Finance Magazine)

Bite Investments features in Finance Magazine‘s list of the top 15 companies operating within the asset management industry in London. 


In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, asset management companies play a vital role in helping individuals and institutions achieve their financial goals. With a diverse range of services and innovative approaches, these companies are reshaping the industry. Join us as we explore fifteen of the most intriguing and groundbreaking asset management firms in the United Kingdom.

GIV-Capital: Redefining Online Trading and Asset Management

GIV-Capital is an online trading and asset management services platform. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, they cater to diverse financial needs. From hedge funds to wealth management, GIV-Capital stands at the forefront of the financial services industry.

Harcourt Capital: Pioneering Investments in Real Estate and Venture Capital

Harcourt Capital specializes in real estate property investment, development, asset management, and venture capital. With a focus on innovation and growth, they lead the way in reshaping the future of investments.

Anglesea Capital: Revolutionizing Logistics Real Estate Investment

Anglesea Capital offers a wide range of logistics real estate investment and asset management services. Their expertise in banking and real estate investment makes them a significant player in the industry.

Navana Property Group: A Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions Provider

Navana Property Group excels in property and asset management, consulting, property development, and investment. With a focus on customer-centric solutions, they have earned a prominent position in the market.

LNG Capital: London’s Premier European Credit Asset Management Firm

LNG Capital is a London-based asset management company that specializes in European credit-focused investments. Their proficiency in financial services and transaction processing sets them apart.

Frank Truman: Unlocking the Potential of Property Investment

Frank Truman offers top-notch property investment portfolio and management services. With a dedication to excellence, they ensure their clients’ assets thrive in the real estate market.

LendInvest: Leading the Property Finance Marketplace

LendInvest is a pioneering marketplace platform for property finance. As a leader in the financial services and fintech sector, they continue to disrupt and innovate the lending landscape.

Fasset: Empowering Emerging Markets in the Digital Asset Space

Fasset is a global digital asset exchange that provides accessibility to the digital asset space for people in emerging markets. With a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency, they are reshaping the future of asset management.

Everledger: Safeguarding Assets through Immutable Ledgers

Everledger offers an immutable ledger for diamond and other asset ownership, ensuring transparency and security. Their expertise in digital media and finance makes them a trailblazer in the industry.

WealthKernel: Empowering Companies with Digital Investment Services

WealthKernel is a leading infrastructure supplier for companies offering digital investment services. With their advanced fintech solutions, they enable businesses to thrive in the digital realm.

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Bite Investments: Enhancing Connectivity in Asset Management

Bite Investments is a global fintech company that enhances connectivity between asset managers and investors. With their software-as-a-service approach, they streamline investment processes.

Calastone: A Global Transaction Network for Mutual Funds

Calastone’s global transaction network is transforming the mutual fund industry. Their fintech expertise and commitment to excellence make them a key player in the financial services sector.

ZILO: Reinventing Global Fund Administration

ZILO is revolutionizing global fund administration with their innovative fintech solutions. Their focus on software and wealth management sets them apart in the asset management domain.

CRED Investments: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Future Talent Investment

CRED Investments utilizes artificial intelligence to invest in the future of talent across various industries. With their unique approach, they foster growth and innovation in asset management.

Darksquare: Democratizing Unique Investment Opportunities

Darksquare offers access to exclusive investment opportunities typically reserved for hedge funds and the ultra-wealthy. Their expertise in credit and crowdfunding disrupts traditional asset management models.


In the fast-paced world of finance, these fifteen asset management companies in the UK stand out for their innovation, dedication, and commitment to excellence. With their diverse range of services and forward-thinking approaches, they are shaping the future of asset management and inspiring positive changes across the financial industry. As investors and businesses seek the best solutions, these companies will continue to redefine the landscape of finance for years to come.

Source: Finance Magazine



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