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Our investor relations & fundraising solutions

The key solution to managing investor relations, fundraising, marketing assets and document sharing.

Investor relations & fundraising

Investor portal

Our investor relations software solution places the investor experience at the core. Once given access to the platform, investors will find an intuitive digital marketplace that presents them with an array of options selected by the manager.

Whitelabel and configurable to reflect your branding

A flexible investor portal, with a functionality to categorize and subcategorize assets

Empower and educate investors, presenting key information in engaging, bite sized multimedia content

Multicurrency, multijurisdictional & multilingual capabilities

Have full control and limit which funds an investor can see through our investor groups features

Data room

Provide secure access to fundraising documents via a robust data room, integrated to the investor portal.

Limit or amend access to data and documents

Offer full transparency to your investors on your historical data

Ability to integrate with an external data room provider

Compliance gatekeeping

A crucial starting point when marketing funds or onboarding investors in different jurisdictions.

Configure the system based on your firm’s compliance requirements

Ensure only suitable investors can move beyond the initial screening process.

Be confident on the compliant distribution and marketing of your assets

Request NDAs and offer secure online e-signatures

Sales team

Empower your sales team, streamlining their processes so they can target their efforts efficiently.

Create and manage sales teams so that reporting and pipeline data can be grouped by each team

Monitor activity and engagement across sales teams and investors with real time analytics

Track commitments toward your fundraising goals across teams, for quicker completions and reporting

Work and project management dashboard

From your sales, compliance and legal departments to your service providers and fund administrators, our platform allows everyone to collaborate through one single reporting platform providing a streamlined but effective investor relations software solution.


Provide access to your teams


View your team’s performance


Allow for seamless collaboration between teams

Customize platform permissions per individual or department without privacy concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

During onboarding, our team collaborates with your compliance officer/team to map your compliance framework on the platform. When an investor signs up to access your marketplace, we customize the questions asked. The answers guide them through a defined workstream, determining the investments they can view on the platform.

Once subscriptions come through the platform, an automated process can be set up to initiate risk and legal reviews by different users/parties. These processes can occur in parallel or sequentially, allowing different users to be notified to action tasks on the platform to complete subscriptions. All tasks can be managed, directed, nudged, and reviewed through the Task Dashboard.

Our intuitive investor portal empowers users to display their funds in a white-labelled manner. They can configure the portal with their branding, provide information on the fund with multimedia content, and use tabs to showcase different items such as the fund team, market overview, and key documents, all of which can be access-protected.

As the user, you are in full control of which investments can be viewed by each investor. This process can also be automated, where the investor’s jurisdiction and type determine their access. It is important to note that investors will only see the investment opportunities selected and approved by the user.

Yes, as above users can manage which investors have access to specific investments within their instance.

Yes, Bite Stream consolidates investor activity. Users can view a summary of all activity at individual investor level or a holistic view of all investors on the GP dashboard.

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