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Investor reporting software

Make investor reporting simple. Track and report on pipeline, fundraising activity and market coverage in a hassle and friction-free way.

Investor reporting

Capital calls

A crucial tool for fund managers and their administration teams, fund administrators and custodians.

Coordinate and digitize Capital Calls, such as signalling, commentary, and notice issues

Set up Capital Calls instantly as and when you need to

Notify investors with swift notifications on capital calls

View more details about specific investors and the status of their capital call or transaction history

Provide investors with a central platform to view requests and past payments

Once an asset is live, you can view, add and edit its NAV

Import multiple NAV records at once

Notify investors on NAV updates

Update NAV to create new valuation

Create and send NAV updates and statements within one single platform

Performance metrics

Streamline investor reporting and build trust by increasing speed and transparency by keeping investors abreast of any updates on their investments.

Provide tailored content via swift real time notifications delivered on the platform

Ensure investors have all information on the performance of their portfolios at their fingertips

Show information in multiple currencies

Automatically summarise multiple subscriptions

Add unique documents for different types or groups of investors

Seamless integration

End-to-end tech in a low code (simple) open architecture way, allowing for seamless integration with other and existing investor reporting tools.

Securely manage your workforce and clients with API integration from existing systems and providers

Migrate existing funds
on to the system smoothly

Access the latest activity data across clients and workforce

Upload NAVs and Capital Calls to the platform to send to your clients

Frequently Asked Investor Reporting Questions

Once they have logged into their portal, investors can easily access all of their activity, including their investment updates, within their portfolio dashboard.

Typically, the investor reports include NAV updates, any related statements as well as portfolio reporting. The platform provides users with full control over what information they wish to share with their investors and what will be accessible in the portfolio dashboard.

Yes, we have developed several features to facilitate communication between users and their clients without ever having to leave the platform. Our built-in communication centre allows you to directly communicate with investors and send out generic or personalized statements. Investors can also use our LP / GP conversations tool to ask questions at any stage of their investment journey – as and when they need to. These questions can be tailored to specific teams, for example to the legal counsel or fund administrator, with the fund manager assigned oversight on all conversations.

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