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Private banks

Refine and enhance your clients’ financial strategy

The premier product offering and investment expertise of private banks in ‘alternative’ areas is becoming key when managing clients’ wealth. These can be essential investments in helping diversify clients’ portfolios, protect against market volatility, or accelerate growth with the illiquidity premium. Not only is manager and strategy selection vital, but in-depth investment knowledge and technology-enabled platforms offering automated processes are necessary. Through our software, the client onboarding and subscriptions process can be managed digitally with automated KYC and AML workflows simplifying the back office onboarding process. The wealth channel is also made accessible for fund managers using Bite Stream.

For extra security and a seamless investor experience, the platform covers everything throughout the entire investment journey, from onboarding to capital calls and nav updates, and everything in between.

  • Benefit from the breadth of user friendly features, making alternatives more accessible
  • Provide your clients and colleagues with a digital experience, using the latest technological solutions

An intuitive investor portal that offers you control of how you market assets, whilst tracking engagement and tailoring client communications for stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

  • Fully configurable to match your compliance, reporting and branding standards, whilst allowing for multimedia content
  • Compliant audit trail and investor groups ensure investors only see funds suitable to them, keeping you on the right side of regulation

Leverage our tools to track deals in an organized and efficient way, designed to improve client relationship management, increasing transparency and satisfaction, whilst reducing costs and human errors.

  • Build your deal pipeline, and oversee relationships across your client and mandate pipeline
  • Maintain a digital footprint of all activity, easily accessible for a quicker reporting process

Offer investors transparency throughout their investment journey, starting with a seamless onboarding process and continuing with professional, tailored communications.

  • In platform communication tools allow you to manage campaigns and tailor investor communications
  • Track investor engagement and satisfaction, focusing efforts where needed

Whether you are investing into managed portfolios, individual funds, direct or secondary deals, Bite Group’s own funds offer a diversified strategy mix to support wider portfolio objectives.

  • Enables diversification across private asset classes, managers, strategies, geographies, and fund sizes with one single investment
  • Invest as little as $100k (for pre-approved and qualifying investors) in deals that would usually require at least $1m, benefiting from our manager relationships for a high-quality pipeline of investment opportunities

Bite Wealth Universe is the ideal informational site for wealth managers and advisors to find an array of alternative investment fund managers in one place.

  • Discover a growing selection of private market firms, including Bite Stream clients and Bite Group’s own regulated investment manager
  • Easily filter funds by strategy, style, liquidity, target return and geography based on your investment criteria

Integrated solutions that enhance workflows


Highly configurable SaaS platform

Open architecture end-to-end solution, meaning we can seamlessly integrate with other and existing systems.


Improved operations

Automates manual processes, contracts and forms reducing errors and enhancing productivity.


Better investor experiences

Quicker onboarding, an intuitive digital marketplace and tailored investor communications to drive engagement.


Accelerated distribution

Optimizes the entire fund lifecycle and opens access to new pools of investors for faster, more efficient fundraising.

Bite Investments, your trusted technology partner

Unmatched experience

Led by an international team and backed by leading institutions & funds with extensive experience in alternative investments, financial services, and technology.

A global presence

Headquartered in London, UK, with established offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, and clients across all six continents, including Australia, South America and Africa.

Security conscious

SOC 2-compliant, with ongoing product and system reviews, for a robust platform offering data security and reducing risks, keeping client data safe.

History of excellence

Serving the private market community since 2009. We are committed to our clients by bringing innovative solutions to open up and democratise alternative assets.

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