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Accelerate your distribution benefiting from Bite’s network of investors and managers.

Other solutions

Join Bite Investment’s alternatives eco-system

Streamline operations and grow distribution reach, connecting with wealth managers and advisors through Bite Stream or by marketing funds on Bite Wealth Universe.

Access investment opportunities traditionally reserved for institutional investors in a seamless end-to-end way through the Bite Asset & Wealth Management platform. High-Net-Worth-Individuals and professional investors only.

Bite Stream

Increase operational efficiency and accelerate distribution through our best in class software.

VCP Apex

Get financial, advisory and capital raising services through Bite’s original backers.

Bite Wealth Universe

Showcase funds or find alternative investment firms through our digital hub.

Bite Asset & Wealth Management

Invest in top-tier funds through Bite’s curated online investment platform.

Bite Wealth Universe

A digital hub opening access to and for alternative investment firms.

The ideal marketplace for investors

An array of alternative investment funds in one place

Explore investment firms

Discover a growing selection of private market firms, including Bite Stream clients and Bite Group’s own regulated investment manager.

Save time assessing investment options

Easily filter funds by strategy, style, liquidity, target return and geography based on your investment criteria.

Choose from different strategies

The diversified strategies have included private equity, private credit, real estate, infrastructure, venture capital, hedge funds and cryptocurrency.

Stay informed and connected

Be in the know when new investment opportunities become available and connect with your chosen manager once you identify an opportunity that is of interest.

Invest with confidence

Learn about the fund’s strategy, market, team, and track record after completing a seamless screening process.
Find the right fund manager for you

Find the right fund manager for you

Browse the hub for numerous alternative investment firms, as well as direct and co-investment access routes across a range of asset classes.

Interested in using Bite Wealth Universe?

Available to high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) and professional investors only, register today.

The prime distribution tool for asset managers

Amplify the reach of your funds

Scale and accelerate distribution globally

Market your funds and grow beyond your usual audience, tapping into new investor types and testing your funds in new geographies.

Access wealth managers, family offices and sophisticated investors

Showcase your funds to a growing number of investors with an appetite in alternative investments.

Provide a seamless investor experience

79% of firms reported to have seen a direct positive impact on profit from digitalization.*
Through Bite Stream’s fundraising and investor management software, we offer an end-to-end service for streamlined and efficient investor processes.

Improve your security and data management measures

Bite is SOC2 compliant, putting an emphasis on data security and ensuring all our systems are robust. Once investors are introduced to you through the hub, they turn into your clients and their data becomes private to you.

*Bite Investments, Mergermarket 2023 report

Interested in speaking to our team about adding your firm to Bite Wealth Universe?

Bite Wealth Universe is running on our cutting-edge fundraising and investor management software, Bite Stream.

Bite Wealth Universe FAQs

For investors

After registration, investors can click to “view” each managers’ profile to access comprehensive overviews, fact sheets, and any other details on the market the manager operates in, the team or even multimedia content such as videos or podcasts. If they find an opportunity that appears right for them, they can click “express interest” at which point Bite will connect them to the  manager of their choice to start their investment journey on the underlying manager’s platform.

Our hub is constantly growing as more and more investment firms join the platform. The minimum investments on the various opportunities that have been available so far range from $10,000 to $250,000.

After expressing interest, investors are connected to the asset manager’s underlying platform (view question “How do I invest?” for more details) at which point they become the client of the manager of their choice, following their onboarding or investment requirements and processes.

We do a high-level screening of the asset managers on our platform. Bite aims to use its award winning technology to digitize alternative investments, offering asset managers of all sizes a competitive advantage and opening access for investors globally. We want to provide them with an intuitive experience and a diverse range of investment opportunities with clear overviews so they can evaluate the opportunities with ease. When it comes to committing capital, it is the responsibility of the investors and their advisors to compare investments, perform due diligence on each investment opportunity and select fund managers based on their investment criteria.

For asset managers

Bite Wealth Universe is running on our cutting-edge award-winning Bite Stream platform. A fundraising and investor management software designed to enable asset managers and companies to compliantly streamline and scale the distribution of private markets investment products in an easy, secure and efficient way. The managers available on the Bite Wealth Universe platform consist of firms from our Bite Stream clients and Bite Group’s regulated investment manager, Bite Asset Management (Cayman) Limited. If you would be interested in joining the Bite Wealth Universe, we recommend you book a free consultation with our team to discuss options and book a demo via email: [email protected]

The investors within Bite Wealth Universe represent our clients and network accumulated over the years, including an even split between family offices, wealth managers and High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) globally. These are individuals with an appetite for investing in alternatives, that have registered with us and are considered HNWIs or professional investors, and that we continuously and actively engage with to educate on the process of investing in private markets (through events, newsletters etc). Whilst Bite will undertake checks on all users to ensure they meet the criteria to be considered HNWIs or Professional Investors, it is the responsibility of each manager to conduct their own due diligence and to identify whether an investment is suitable for an investor.

Our numbers are constantly developing as more and more investors come into the hub, but we have a fairly even split between those located in the UK, APAC, the US and the Middle East. As a result, Bite Wealth Universe can help asset managers grow their exposure and distribution not only beyond their usual audience into new pools of investors, but also into new markets where they can test their funds in new geographies.

Asset & Wealth Management

Bite’s online investment platform allows high-net-worth investors (HNWI), sophisticated investors, wealth managers, and financial advisors to invest in top-tier alternative investment funds in a streamlined process. We combine our proprietary technology with select investment opportunities from Bite Group’s own regulated investment manager to provide unique value propositions to a range of clients.

A seamless digital investment experience. Bite offers access to leading alternative investment opportunities.


Invest alongside the world’s leading institutional investors and access the kinds of highly regarded, often over-subscribed funds that have not been available to high-net-worth investors, sophisticated investors, wealth managers, and financial advisors until now.

Size & low minimums

Invest as little as $100k in deals that would usually require at least $1m. Bite helps investors and advisors access funds that would otherwise be inaccessible because they are either oversubscribed, too illiquid, or have an institutional-level minimum buy-in.

Enhanced liquidity & low fees

Tap into our secondary market and investors, meaning you will likely be able to sell out your fund allocation sooner than if you invested directly into the target fund and the lifecycle completes. Bite’s technology-enabled approach also drives down subscription fees to just 1.5%.

Visit Bite Group’s own funds

Bite Asset & Wealth Management FAQs

Bite continually strives to be the premium provider of alternative investment opportunities to High-Net-Worth investors and their advisers. The number and type of products vary so please register to see what is currently available. Typical investments can include Private Equity funds, Private Credit funds, Venture Capital funds, Real Estate funds and Hedge funds.

Anyone can open an account with Bite provided they meet certain requirements regarding their knowledge, experience and access to suitable resources, as well as having met our AML/KYC standards.

Bite is open to High-Net-Worth and Sophisticated Investors, and their advisers. This means we must ask you several questions to assess the suitability of our products to you.

Advisers can open an account to see if any products are suitable for their clients provided their client’s meet the definitions of either a HNWI or a Sophisticated Investor.

Fund managers can open an account as professional clients. Please get in touch with us on [email protected].

You qualify as a High-Net-Worth investor if one of the following applies to you:

Throughout the financial year immediately preceding the date you register

  • You had an annual income to the value of £100,000 or more (this must exclude money withdrawn from pension savings or pension income).
  • You held net assets of £250,000 or more. Net assets do not include:
    • Your primary residence or any money raised through a loan secured on that property
    • Any rights of yours under a qualifying contract of insurance
    • Any benefits (pension or otherwise) which are payable on the termination of your employment, death or retirement
    • Withdrawals from pension savings (except where the withdrawals are used directly for income in retirement)

Please note that this is only a summary of the declaration that a HNWI is required to make. You should consider carefully in the sign-up process whether you can accurately give the declaration required.

You may be a Sophisticated Investor if you have been one of the following:

  • A member of a network or syndicate of business angels in the last 6 months
  • Invested in an alternative investment fund or unlisted company in the last 2 years
  • A professional in the private equity, hedge fund or alternative asset sector for 2 years
  • A director of a company that turns over more than £1m in the last 2 years, or are currently

Please note that this is only a summary of the declaration that a Sophisticated Investor is required to make. You should consider carefully in the sign-up process whether you can accurately give the declaration required.

You can request to be classified and treated as a professional client. This includes meeting specific qualifying criteria related to assets and understanding of the relevant financial products, as well as regulated financial institutions such as regulated fund and asset managers, banks, insurance undertakings, pension funds and other regulated financial institutions.

Bite reserves the right to change your classification and will notify you accordingly in accordance with as per FCA Rules and if it intends to do so, it may require further information or investor declarations from you. You have to inform Bite as to any changes that would affect your eligibility to be classified as a professional client.

Whilst primarily being a technology platform, Bite recognises that you may have unique questions and situations that need resolving. Bite does not offer investment advice, but our sales support is available to assist you when needed. If you wish to get in touch with a team member, please contact us on [email protected].

Bite will not offer investment advice. Part of the rigorous account registration process is to ensure only investors with a sound financial understanding of these investments can access them. Whilst we would like to open the alternative asset market up to everyone the risks involved require a minimum level of knowledge, experience and resource and the investment decision remains entirely yours.

When you sign up, the documents available will explain in more detail how funds are structured, how investments are selected, and the role played by Bite and its associated companies in selecting and managing them. Bite does not make recommendations on investments and expects you to conduct your own due diligence before investing and to seek independent professional advice where appropriate.

Bite can help you with technological and procedural queries and our sales support will assist you if your issue is not addressed in our in-platform Help Center. If you wish to get in touch with a team member, please contact us on [email protected].

Bite does not charge fees for the use of its platform and it is free to use for clients who have successfully been through the account registration process.

Fees are only incurred when you make an investment. The fees are typically: a one-off introduction fee and an annual investor servicing fee. Both fees are a % of the sum invested or assets under management (AUM). Bite reserves the right to determine the fee levels on a per product basis and reserves the right to change fee levels on future products.

The underlying fund fees usually involve a management fee and a performance fee. A typical premium private equity fund will charge a 2% management fee and a 20% performance fee. The performance fee is subject to a typical hurdle rate of 6-8% and represents the benchmark a fund has to reach before the private equity fund managers are entitled to their performance fee.

You should consider very carefully the offering documents, information memoranda, limited partnership agreements and other documents on the website relating to a specific investment as this will tell you about fees specifically applicable to that investment.

Bite charges fees on a per product basis. Standard fees include:

  • Subscription Fee (a one-off fee charged as a percentage of the subscription amount)
  • Management Fee
  • 0% Performance fee (Bite reserves the right to charge a performance fee on a per product basis)

Wealth Managers & advisors

Bite’s Wealth Management portals and advisors access enable fund managers to invite wealth managers and advisers from their own network to the Bite Stream platform for accelerated distribution and a seamless investment experience.

Connect in three simple steps

Talk to an expert today to learn more about the benefits


VCP Apex

A provider of financial, advisory and capital raising services for corporate and fund manager clients. VCP Apex works with companies as well as closed-ended and open-ended funds across the private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure asset classes, to provide advisory, capital raising and restructuring services to the institutional and family office investor community.

Decades of experience in alternative investments

Global reach across Europe, Asia and the US

Unique relationships in the institutional and family office investor community

investor relations
advised on alternative transactions
mandates completed

The original backers of Bite Investments, the two firms work collaboratively benefiting from each other’s expertise and network.