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Our investor management software and services

Optimize relationships with our comprehensive investor management and communications software.

Sales pipeline management

Our investor management platform helps you view, track, filter and analyse your opportunity and deals pipeline all in one place.

Manage, group and segment different investor types

View investors’ investment journeys

Focus your target efforts where needed

Easily monitor conversions and follow up on progress of a sale

For faster, more efficient fundraising

Client communication center

A critical tool for your investor relations and sales team to communicate with clients efficiently, professionally and compliantly.

Optimize, structure and evaluate campaigns

Stay on brand, providing an intuitive experience with modern templates

Collect data on the best ways to communicate with investors

Remain GDPR compliant

Track investor engagement of email campaigns

Target selected investors with customizable email groups

Subscription management

Support the progression of a subscription through the different states of the process, from inception to completion.

From the moment an investor is onboarded, the platform will automatically track their progress

Investor activity tracking enables you to analyse and identify your investor behavior

Quickly address sticking points and errors

Secure document management

Benefiting from an online investment documents repository, Bite Stream enables you to store important documentation in one single platform. Upload, import and export documents or investor lists securely.

Create and manage investor groups

View and manage user information in one place whilst compliantly engaging with different types of investors through investor groups. Add members to each type of investor you cater to and control the access they have to funds or documents based on their profile.

CRM system

Our built-in CRM system helps to collect, save, and review investor data and profiles, allowing users to input additional collected data, such as bank details. It is investor agnostic, catering to both individual investors and entities. Bite Stream can also integrate with your existing CRM systems.

Find out more about subscription management in our investor reporting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once they have logged into their portal, investors can easily access all of their activity, including their investment updates, within their portfolio dashboard.

All activity is aggregated and displayed on the GP dashboard, offering users a holistic view of how and what types of investors are engaging with their products.

Bite Stream features an investor-agnostic built-in CRM, collecting all data related to investors, profiles, and subscription information for a seamless, end-to-end user experience. This data can also be extracted by your existing CRM if an integration is facilitated.

If you already have a CRM system and don’t wish to switch, we offer numerous APIs that CRM providers can use to extract relevant investor information.

Yes, the platform allows users to create and manage investor groups, which can also be used to control their access to funds or documents.

No, the decision of what subscription documents to use is up to each individual client. We digitize and configure each client’s subscription, but if they don’t have any, we have templates we can share.

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