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BITE is a global financial technology platform built to deliver alternative investments and private market strategies to high-net-worth investors and advisors.
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Outperformance of Private Markets

Not only has private equity consistently outperformed public markets, but the top performing private equity funds have delivered returns 15% higher than the combined private equity industry1. This highlights the importance of investing with the right fund managers. BITE's fund selection committee has a proven ability to identify top performing alternatives funds.


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BITE enables you to invest online in private equity, private debt, infrastructure and real estate funds, in amounts below the typically required institutional-level minimum. Investors and Advisors can easily research and evaluate market leading Alternatives funds, allocate online and keep track of their portfolio.

A Seamless, End-to-End Investment Process

BITE was born out of an advisory business, so we live and breathe the regulatory hurdles and compliance considerations involved with investing client money in Alternatives. Our step-by-step process leads you through every know-your-client, suitability, money laundering, due diligence, marketing, and reporting requirement that you need to satisfy. With BITE you have total regulatory and compliance peace of mind.


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BITE empowers high-net-worth investors and advisors by giving them access to top performing alternative investment funds and underlying co-investments.

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