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Webinar: Bull market ahead? When and what’s next – a private markets update

The current financial landscape is mixed with excitement and uncertainty. While a recession has, thus far, seemingly been averted, the emergence of a recovery remains elusive despite recent optimism in stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals.

One question looms large: Is a bull market truly on the horizon, and if so, what lies ahead?

Anna Barath, Bite Investment’s Chief Investment Officer, and Justin Mason, Managing Director, reflect latest private market trends and share their insights to explore what lies ahead for the remainder of 2024.

Watch the video to find out more. Key topics include:

• A bullish or very bullish sentiment for 2024: Is it justified, and what are the implications for market dynamics and investor behavior?

• From soaring stocks to lingering inflation worries: Amidst upward trajectories, more bearish indications remain present. How do these factors influence investment strategies?

• Approach to asset allocation: Against this backdrop, how can investors adapt and where can they look for opportunities?


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