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Wealthtech – The new app-driven world of investment (Sifted)

Wealthtech: the new app-driven world of investment is a Sifted Intelligence report that William Rudebeck, CEO of Bite Investments has contributed to. The world of wealth management is changing fast, with more and more people — especially the young who have not traditionally been clients of wealth managers — looking to get involved, and drawn to new kinds of assets, like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Digital trading platforms, namely robo-advisers, have promised to bring wealth management to the masses. By interviewing leaders at wealthtech start-ups, VCs and accelerators, this report will examine some of the trends that are likely to stick, as well as the challenges that remain for start-ups, entrepreneurs and, indeed, regulators, as the wealthtech sector continues to boom.

The report is made up of five sections:

– Foreword: (New technology can help us divide the wealth pie more fairly, says Francesco Simoneschi, cofounder and chief executive of TrueLayer)
– Introduction: A brave new, app-driven world (How tech is shaking up a staid industry)
– Chapter I: Wealthtech for the people (Europe’s start-ups are finding their feet)
– Chapter II: Making wealthtech work (Europeans may have to reckon with the challenges hitting American frontrunners)
– Chapter III: The future of wealthtech in Europe (Some are predicting a more challenging period ahead)

Please find the intelligence full report on Sifted’s website or see the sections William Rudebeck commented on below.

Chapter I: Wealthtech for the people – ‘Digitising wealth managers’

(…) “A second big trend is B2B startups helping wealth managers to digitalise. The sector is known to be conservative, especially in Europe, and is somewhat cautious about moves into alternative assets like private equity, venture capital, real estate, and hedge funds. “More and more money has flown into alternative products as investors grow frustrated with the volatility [of public equities markets] and low interest rates,” says William Rudebeck, founder of London-based Bite Investments, an alternative investments platform. “

Chapter II: Making wealthtech work

(…) “Currently, the UK and Germany are Europe’s wealthtech hotspots. “London is the capital of Europe in terms of wealth management,” says William Rudebeck, founder of Bite Investments. 

Source: Sifted (FT)


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