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Bite Investments white paper on digitalization of private markets

Download our white paper "The Tech's Factor: The digitalization of private markets in 2022 and beyond" to:

This white paper reveals how digitalization is shaping the private capital industry and how fund managers are adopting tech, for what purposes and how the size of a firm can be a determining factor in speed, success, and satisfaction. 

With advances in technology enabling more investors and fund managers to access private markets easily, competition is high for being at the cutting edge of developments and being able to offer the best service to clients. As technology continues to advance, smaller firms will be able to compete with the larger firms but just how much of an impact will digitization have on the private capital markets industry?  According to our research, digitization will bring a new wave of opportunity for private capital markets investors and fund managers.

Key findings include:

  • External digital investments are expected to increase. Big firms are much further along in terms of digital adoption and expectation. This means that smaller firms can still capitalize on a first-mover advantage.
  • Portfolio/fund management and analysis, and investor profiles ranked first as firms’ top digital priorities.
  • Cloud/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will have the largest impact on how private equity firms operate over the next ten years. The primary benefit of using cloud/SaaS platforms is to streamline operations.
  • Third party service providers are used for a wide variety of services. For instance, 81% of larger firms use a specialist third party software service provider for their due diligence.
  • Operational efficiencies will be the single most important long-term effect of digitalization.

The private capital management industry of old is no longer fit for purpose. For those that have not yet fully embarked on this journey, it is necessary that they carry out end-to-end reviews of their operations and look for ways to improve data capture and management, migrate from sub-optimal legacy systems and enhance the quality of services provided to their valued investors. 

If you want to learn more about how to achieve a digital success, please download our white paper. Read our press release about the white paper findings.