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Alternative investment-focused firm eyes Bermuda (The Royal Gazette)

A managing director of an alternative investment-focused financial services firm has spoken of his hope that it might open an office in Bermuda.

Mark Jennings knows the island well. He worked and lived here for five years, starting in 2009. He is now based in New York, where he is managing director at VCP Americas LLC.

VCP Americas is a wholly owned subsidiary of VCP Advisors Limited. VCP Advisors is a financial services firm with headquarters in London and offices in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Mr Jennings previously held positions at Morgan Stanley, LOM Securities, The Blackstone Group/GSO Capital, and AllianceBernstein. He was interviewed for a podcast and video by financial services firm TresVista. The subject of the conversation was alternative investments and maintaining industry relationships.

Of his time in Bermuda, he said: “It was a great opportunity. I love the island and hopefully we can open up an office down there.”

“We have some business partners and investors from Bermuda. So, my goal is to open up a jurisdiction in Bermuda at some point when it makes sense.”

Speaking to The Royal Gazette, Mr Jennings added: “We are doing a lot of business in Bermuda. It makes a lot of sense, and it is a great jurisdiction.”

“I’m excited about what is going on in Bermuda. We are planning on driving a lot of business down there. Some of my clients want to get into Bermuda.”

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