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Press release: Bite Investments reports on significant strides in 2020

London, December 17, 2020 – In an unprecedented, challenging year, BITE Investments has managed to make important strides. The young fintech company, founded in 2019 by William Rudebeck and Henry Talbot-Ponsonby, is focused on facilitating meaningful alternative investment opportunities and private market strategies for those looking to diversity their investment portfolios, across the high-net-worth investors (HNWIs) and wealth management market. The company is also on a mission to help digitalize the industry by providing specialist alternative market technology and fund solutions to wealth managers and other financial institutions. BITE has already established a presence in several major markets across Asia, Europe and the US, built a strong management team, and forged several key relationships enabling it to provide enhanced solutions to the growing asset and wealth management market.

BITE CEO William Rudebeck states that, “Despite the extreme challenges faced this year, caused by the global pandemic, BITE has fortunately been able to implement its strategic business plan which focuses on the digitalization of the wealth management industry and the increasingly important role that alternative assets play in this highly volatile and low interest rate environment.”

BITE is a truly global business and, with VCP Advisors as majority owners of BITE, together they are regulated in North America (FINRA/SEC), Europe (FCA, UK), Asia (SFC, Hong Kong) and the Cayman Islands (CIMA). For each region, BITE has recruited top level financial professionals to build the market and cultivate relationships with local HNWIs, as well as local asset managers, wealth managers, investment advisors, family offices, private offices, and institutional investors. Additionally, the company has continued to expand its infrastructure which already includes prominent shareholders and advisors. Recently joining the senior management team consisting of: Co-Founders Rudebeck and Talbot-Ponsonby, Chief Operations Officer Henry Reynolds, General Manager China Vicky Mao and Chief Technology Officer Benjamin Zhang and Chief People Officer, Farah Esmail, are:

– Head of Business Development Sean Clifford, who is based in the U.S.

– Head of Communications and Marketing Anna Hellstrand, who is based in Europe

– Head of European Sales, Charles von Moll, who is based in Europe

– Head of Internet Operations Zoe Chen, who is based in Asia

– Operating Partner George Spentzos, who is based in Europe

– Operating Partner Max Fenn, who is based in Asia

Rounding out the company’s human capital are other regional managers, business development directors and additional information technology and operations staff.

While the pandemic had much of the globe in a lockdown at the time, on April 1, 2020, BITE successfully completed its pre series A funding round corner-stoned by the Apex Group and VCP Advisors. This followed its pre-seed funding round back in October 2019, led by VC’s Delta Capital, Click Ventures and VCP. Subsequently, on May 13, 2020, BITE and Apex announced their partnership to deliver new solutions to the Asian asset management market. BITE and Apex see their alliance as a way to better capitalize on two market dynamics: the shift of HNWIs toward online wealth management solutions and portfolio diversification using alternative assets, as well as the large untapped and underserved Asia-Pacific (APAC) market. There is also the heightened awareness of investors that other asset classes should be considered as viable alternatives to traditional asset classes.

The Apex partnership is not the only one forged by BITE in 2020. The company has gained the confidence of several top-tier fund managers including Goldman Sachs, KKR, Carlyle, Endeavor Vision and Greenspring Associates. Furthermore, BITE expects to be announcing other notable partners early in 2021.

In addition, and toward attesting to its high standards of operations and commitment to serving in the best interests of investors, the BITE Investments App is now live on Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Looking ahead to 2021, BITE Co-Founder Talbot-Ponsonby added, “We are confident that our business model, which relies on the experience of our high caliber team, high quality investments, best in class processes, due diligence, and advanced online financial technologies, will drive our steady growth and sustainability in the years ahead.”

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Press release – BITE Investments Reports on Significant Strides in 2020


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