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Bite Investments launches alternative investment app for HNW and sophisticated investors (Wealth Adviser)

Bite Investments, a fintech company focused on alternative investment opportunities and private market strategies for investors and advisers looking to diversify their or their clients’ portfolios, has launched an app called BITE which aims to provide seamless end-to-end access to alternative investments.

To use Bite’s app, individuals begin by creating an account wherein they identify themselves as either a high-net-worth investor, sophisticated investor or advisor, and log-in. Next, due diligence is performed with summaries of fund information and key strategy materials provided, enabling the user to make an informed investment decision. Users can then request allocations and sign subscription documents via an automated investment process. The application’s customised Portfolio Tool facilitates easy investment performance monitoring and activity tracking. The Bite app also has a Newsroom delivering the latest industry news, insights, and developments and a resource centre for accessing webinars and videos. The app is available in English or Chinese.

Bite Investments makes accessing alternative investments more feasible by eliminating common obstacles typically associated with these investments. Chief among them is requiring very high buy-ins with initial investments sometimes as high as USD10 million. As a result, many investors are unable to gain access to the top tier funds.

Bite Investment is managed by an experience team that is support by a world class set of shareholders and advisors working within the parameters of highly respected regulatory and compliance regimes. The company has a global presence with offices in London, the Cayman Islands, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hong Kong and a presence in the United States.


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