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Interview with Bite’s CEO and co-founder William Rudebeck at the JMP Securities Democratization of Alternative Assets Forum

In this interview, that took place during the JMP Securities Democratization of Alternative Assets Forum on 15th September, Bite’s CEO and Co-Founder William Rudebeck, speaks to Devin Ryan, JMP Securities’ Director of Financial Technology Research and Head of Business Development, on founding Bite Investments and the creation of Bite Stream, our investor solutions software that we have developed for alternative asset managers globally.

Over the last 14 years of running VCP Apex, an advisory and capital raising services firm which William also co-founded, one thing that really stood out was the lack of innovation, and particularly digitalisation across the alternative asset management industry. This is how Bite was originally seeded and incubated by VCP Apex as a fintech company, to build on what we were really seeing in the industry. To provide a solution for all types of alternative asset managers, regardless of their geography or the types of investors they offer their services to.

Bite Stream provides fund managers with a fully configurable end to end user platform for their investor base, regardless of the type of investor they are catering to. In today’s post-pandemic world it is important for fund managers to fundraise more efficiently and present their products in a more attractive and intuitive way.

Bite Stream is applicable to all types of investors and limited partners

Bite understands how firms are set up and therefore have built tech that generates digitalisation that caters to all types of asset managers, for example if you are a very large company and have your own CRM system Bite will use their technology to easily be able to compliment and integrate with other digital systems. Without intention to dislodge a sales force or to get alternative asset managers to reverse the amount spent on their CRM but instead to connect with other systems. For smaller managers who have not had the time or resources to build their own systems Bite Stream can be of great help.

Topics covered in the video are as follows:

  • Introduction to Bite Investments, Bite Stream, and the developing wealth management ecosystem
  • Differentiation from other technology providers: Developing an end-to-end SaaS solution that is applicable for the entire market, why has this not been done before?
  • Revolutionising the entire market, from larger to the smaller managers: Applicability of Bite Stream on all types of firms
  • The international opportunity: Raising capital from multiple jurisdictions

To learn more about Bite’s investor solutions software, Bite Stream, please schedule a demo here or read more about how it works here.


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